Anonymous asked:

Hey ! Thanks a lot ! I can't think of one quote right now cause he has so many beutiful ones ! ps: I did have a tumblr, but I kinda got tired of it, but I promise you I'll reconsider coming back ok?

I’m so sorry I forgot to reply to this! 

He does have soooo many beautiful quotes. Anyway, I’ll start working on one. Let me know if you think of something. 

And if you do join Tumblr again, let me know ok? :)

Anonymous asked:

Hey there, it's me again ! You know what would be awesome? If you could do like some iphone wallpapers with jason's quotes... I'd love it !!!

Hello again! Sure, I think I could give that a try. Do you have any favorite ones you’d like to see as a wallpaper? Maybe I could start with that. 

P.S. You should join Tumblr. There’s an awesome Mrazian community in here. 

Anonymous asked:

Hey there! I don't have a tumblr, but I love yours. Thanks for posting such beautiful pictures of the most talented singer in the world. Keep being aMRAZing :)

Aw thank you! I’m so happy that even people outside of the Tumblr community enjoy this blog. I wouldn’t claim to be an artist or anything close, but I try. 

If there’s anything else you’d like to see here, requests, and stuff, just send me a message. :)