So it’s the 23rd (or almost the 23rd, depending on where you are) and I only have 1 submission for this little thingy. How sad. :(

But I am not saying NO to this because I know there’s so much creativity out there inspired by Mraz. I’m just doing a little tweak on how I’m going about this. Instead of asking for submissions to be posted every 23rd and all that stuff, I’ll just be posting/reblogging whatever MRAZart. Submissions are still welcome of course. :)

Then come next year…well, I have about 10 months to figure out how to get this book thing going. Haha. 

I’m making an Inspired by MRAZ tab in the blog so you can find all the stuff there. 

Yes? YES! 

I listened to YES! for the first time today and my heart and soul is just so full of YES right now. It’s just bursting with positivity and inspiration. I feel like I could say YES to anything. 

One thing I want to say YES to is to help spread the YES. So I want to ask you guys, 

Send me an ask/submit and share your YES for the day. It could be as big as saying YES to a career path or as simple as saying YES to trying a new recipe. 

Let’s all inspire each other to say YES ans #spreadYES!

Yes? YES!